TQM Team Structure Set Up – Role Of A Sponsor – Leader – Member Or Facilitator

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Almost all TQM improvement projects are carried out by team. Understanding the dynamic of team is essential for a team success. With the Team Structure, team are make up of sponsor; Leader; Member and Facilitator. Which role do you play?

To begin with, you need to understand the common make up of a TQM team structure. With that understanding, you need to be aware of some of the common Roles listed below:-

Team Sponsor

  • Charter a team
  • Provide project scope
  • Support the team
  • Help to remove barriers
  • Provide Reosurces
  • Recognise team contribution
  • Act as a bridge to the management

Team Leader

  • Manage the Improvement Project
  • Organize and manage team meeting
  • Meet project datelines
  • Guide team members
  • Align each members focus
  • Lead team members to achieve project object
  • Follow up on project task with team member
  • Motivate team members
  • Encourage member participation
  • Monoitor and improvement member attendance

Team Member

  • Learn together as a team
  • Provide in-depth knowledge in their work area
  • Carry out project task assignment
  • Report progress of assigned task
  • Update team leader for difficult task
  • Attend project meeting


  • Train and coach team on improvement methodology
  • Guide team member to use the improvement tools
  • Team building
  • Mentor to the Team Leader
  • Provide resources for benchmarking
  • Provide executive summary report to management
  • Mediator

In summary: Each team member must understand their role and play their role respectively. At times, there may be necessary for some member to play two role. If this is needed, it must be communicated and agreed by parties involved.


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