Gold and Religion

In all the recorded history of mankind gold holds a high position. It is found in economy as a carrier of value, in art as a symbol of grandeur and in social interactions as a sign of high status. Religions across the globe reinforce this key place for gold, using […]

Making Your Working Capital Work

The more rapidly that your business expands, the greater the need for working capital becomes. If you have insufficient working capital – the money necessary to keep your business functioning – your enterprise is doomed to fail. Many businesses, that are profitable on-paper, are forced to “close their doors” due […]

Driving Employee Engagement Through Coaching

In our last newsletter we discussed how important employee engagement is for retaining good employees, increasing customer satisfaction, and ultimately increasing profits.  In First Break all the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently, Marcus Buckingham describes the factors which lead to an effective workplace and concludes that an […]