Learn Stock Market – Stock Investment Strategies

Learn Stock Market – Stock Investment Strategies

There are various types of stock trading strategies for you to learn and make successful stock investment in the financial market. Before determining your stock investment strategy you will need to consider a few important factors:

1) Financial Goal: You should set a clear financial goal. How much money you will need to invest to accomplish your goal?
2) Risk Level: Different investors have different risk preference. You must decide on how much risk you are willing to take to achieve your goal.
3) Time Frame: How long is the time you will need to wait until you achieve your goal?
4) Return Level: You should decide on how much returns you are expecting to earn on your original investments.

One of the most common types of investment strategies is the ‘buy and hold’ investment strategy. This is mainly based on the concept that the stock market over time will provide you with a certain rate of return regardless of price fluctuations in the short term. The use of buy and hold strategy does not necessarily mean that stock investors have to hold a stock forever.

There are certain risks associated with the use of buy and hold investment strategy. If you invest and buy stocks near the end of a bull market you may have to sell at a loss or wait a longer period until the stock comes back to the bear market. The success of this strategy is depending on what stocks you have chosen and what time frames you are holding. You will need to re-balance your portfolio by selling poor performing stocks and keeping winning stocks.

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