Building an Effective Project Management Team

Building an effective project management team is not an easy job. It requires lot of attention and project knowledge. If project is delayed due to any reason top management replaces the project manger with a new project manager. New project manager replaces everyone in the present team. He recognizes that the cause why the job isn’t getting done is probably because the person in charge of the multi- task job, manufacturing, sales, etc. is not up to par.

When you build your project team, you make a declaration about your capability as a manager. More than 90 per cent of your success in the business world will be determined by your ability to select the right people to help you. Most of your problems in business come from attempting to get the job done with difficult, useless people. Your job is to choose the very best people available to you who can do the job in desired manner. Before selecting a person examine his/her track record carefully. Check references. Talk to other group about the task, and get feedback concerning the individual’s ability to do it in an excellent fashion.

Be careful about your selection, and be obstinate about assigning key tasks to the best people. This will save your time and trouble to complete the project. Once you have selected the individuals to carry out the exact parts of the project, you must hand over effectively to each of them. Assign exact responsibilities for each task essential to complete the project to exact individuals, each of whom has a time limit as well. Tell each team member what is to be done, when it is to be done, what standards of performance you need and what the overall project will look like when it is complete. The more people know about what and why of the total job, the more capable they are taking care of their individual functions.

Lack of clearness is the single greatest contributor to failure in project management. For this reason it is important that you meet frequently with the team members, either individually or together. You keep in touch with them on regularly. You keep them informed about the project growth and status. You give, and receive, feedback.

Just as it is important for you to make a list to organize a project, it is helpful for you to use a flip chart or presentation when you are meeting with the members of your team.

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