Why Hiring a Good Management Team is Key

How many franchisees that fail do so because they have a service that isn’t needed? Not many. As you go through a long laundry list of potential pitfalls, one reason comes across loud and clear- you need an effective management team. What reason do some succeed more so than others? Again- be it yourself or someone that you hire on, making sure that whoever is running your business is doing so in the most efficient way possible can make or break your business, so don’t risk it.

You Must BE A Good Manager, Too

Even if you are working more in the ownership and development capacity in your business, making sure that you are in control and able to manage the franchise yourself is vital to success. If you’re going to hire on, train and work with management in a way that still follows the rules and guidelines set out by your franchise itself- you need to be able to show effective leadership first and foremost. Being upbeat and motivational is part of the puzzle, while also maintaining a strict sense of discipline and both time and money management make up the other parts.

Keep them In the Loop

As the franchise changes up the rules, the promotions and the way that they do things, you, too must evolve the way that you communicate with your management team. From there, they will be following your example in how to lead, but also how to communicate with the customer service staff to ensure that everything is following the business plan set about in your original agreement. Play a very active roll in your business and do not assume that your management team is fine going it alone. Constant commitment, even if you are hiring on a team is something that many fail to adhere to, and this can become a big problem. Owners who are involved, and are fluidly interacting with both management and staff definitely have a leg up on those who do not. Being able to know your customers, know how the staff is treating them in a direct way keeps things moving very smoothly- and helps you to keep production and profit up.

Hands On Training

An employee who knows the owner is an employee who knows that his job is secure, yes, but also that things have to be done in the way that has been set out. A hands on owner makes for a much more stable, hands on management team and this does trickle on down to every employee in your business. Feeling a sense of camaraderie and pride in a job well done can often mean the difference between motivated and productive staff and less than optimal output and customer service.

Keeping yourself involved in all aspects of your business will keep you not only abreast of things as they happen, but also, enable your staff to see your own pride and dedication to what you are doing.

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