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Writing an award winning business plan is a great skill, but rather than winning any awards you need to get funded. In order to be funded the bank, venture capital firm or even family members need to be sure they will either be paid back or receive their required return on investment. To succeed in business you need a quality management team one, which can move you through the rough waters of start-up and control the ship as you sail away from the competition.

Here are some pointers for your Management Section. Keep the information tight, short and sweet. Use a consolidated approach to cutting down resumes to two-three paragraphs of each team member. If you are a sole proprietor and will be the only one in the company do not exceed two-pages of resume and remove the fluff. Below is a sample Management section for a business plan minus the resumes of the team members. It is written for a simple business to illustrate the points; a mobile car wash company which is part of a franchise system. This sample will help you in your mission to write an exceptional management section of your next business plan.

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(Insert Name of Franchisee) will be the owner and sole proprietor. He will be the owner/operator of the first car wash truck in this exclusive territory. He is qualified as a manager having completed The Car Wash School of Aeronautics. Listed below is a brief resume for (Insert name of Franchisee):

(Insert Resume here)

There will be some controls placed upon our company by the franchisor. These controls on management are for quality service and consistency. These are reasonable controls. Controls are for additional trucks and training of management. Each additional truck will have a crew leader (manager) aboard. This manager will have to complete manager training at the franchisor headquarters. If we choose to go to independent contractors instead of managers later on, then these independent contractors will also need to complete training. Training will consist of forty (40) hours at the franchisor headquarters. Our company will also train manager/independent contractors for forty (40) hours locally to insure that they have been properly introduced to their route and customers. Each one of the crews will have a worker who has been working at least one month before they are allowed to go out alone in case the manager/independent contractor is sick.

Each individual manager will be in charge of running a route and keeping on schedule. They will also be required to:

Bring Truck and Equipment Back in Good Condition

Collect Fax Phone Numbers on Route

Deliver Co-Op Advertising and Promotional Information

Do Sales On Route

Follow Operational Procedures

Keep Truck Clean and Polished

Make Sure Crew Members Are On Time

Make Sure Crew Members Are Well Groomed and Uniformed

Make Sure Supplies and Water Are Stocked

Solicit New Businesses Moving Into Area

If at a later date we choose to use independent contractors, then we will not tell independents the time, mode or manner of operations. This will help us maintain the distinction between employee and independent contractor with regard to Internal Revenue Codes. These independent contractors will have to:

Complete Training

Buy Uniforms

Hire Their Own Crews

Rent Truck

Buy Their Supplies From Our Company

Pay All Operational Expenses

1. Labor

2. Water

3. Towel Washing

4. Supplies, Etc.

5. Gas, Diesel Fuel

Sign a Non-Competition Disclosure

Set Their Own Time Schedule Based Upon Suggestive Previous Route Schedule

Promise To Do Good Quality And Service All Customers

Buy Their Own Pager

Use Their Own Cellular or Digital PCS Portable Telephone

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