Are You a “Closet Entrepreneur?”

Are you a fan of rags-to-riches stories? Is your list of personal heroes full of self-made individuals? Do you suspect you might be destined to be a small business owner? Even if you are sitting in a cubicle reading this right now, you might be a “closet entrepreneur.”

Many people come into my workshops describing a feeling of being fed up with their jobs. For years I have strongly suspected that there are many, many more people out in the workforce who feel the same way and just don’t recognize what’s happening. Their feelings of disgust may actually be the first stirrings of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Here’s a little quiz to see if maybe you are on the verge of a new phase of life… as a business owner.

o Instead of memorizing all the steps in an office routine do you find yourself thinking of better and more efficient ways to accomplish the task?

o When you drive by a dilapidated building or see empty space in your office complex do you think, “Why doesn’t someone put a taco shop there”? (or computer repair or internet cafĂ© or… )

o Do you roll out of bed with a feeling of dread on workdays?

o Is there a notebook or computer file somewhere in your house filled with business ideas?

o Are you ready to have more control over your work and profit more directly from your efforts and ideas?

If you answered yes to all or even most of these questions, you might want to consider entrepreneurship. There’s a saying “that’s why they call it work” that’s used to justify the existence of miserable jobs and allowing people to stay miserable in the wrong jobs. Now, running your own business will not make everyday feel like a holiday. However, for people who are meant to be entrepreneurs, nothing else will do.

The long hours and start-up struggles are a small price to pay for the flexibility and fulfillment that comes from running your own enterprise.

What can you do if you think maybe you ARE a “closet entrepreneur?”

1. Spend some time networking with, talking to and observing entrepreneurs you know.
2. Read up and research the business or industry you are interested in.
3. Take a class or workshop on entrepreneurship.
4. Schedule an appointment with a business coach, small business development center or SCORE volunteer to discuss your business idea.
5. Review your personal finances and discuss your idea with your spouse/family.

And perhaps… launch a new business.

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