7 Great Ideas to Engage Your Employees

What is employee engagement? It is simply making your employees happy, contented, and waking up every morning excitedly to come to the office. Employee engagement is an organizational approach that consequently allows employees to give their best on a regular basis and demonstrate the commitment towards the values and goals of the organization. Therefore, it is extremely significant for employers to create the right conditions offering employees to be their own selves and contribute in the organization’s excellence with complete efficiency. Here are 7 ways to engage your organization’s capable workforce towards productivity and success for all:

1) Company values’ assignment: Once a month, assign a company value to a particular worker after peer-voting. Acknowledge the best representative of that value publicly at the end of the month to appreciate his/her conduct.

2) Arrange themed workplace activities: Employee loyalty and engagement can be greatly enhanced with the arrangement of themed office days. Participation in such activities tremendously helps in the augmentation of employee morale.

3) Place team photos at workplace: By placing team photos or random employee photos on walls, doors, cabins, and other appropriate places at office, encouraging fun, friendship, and engagement at work becomes a lot easier.

4) Involvement in charity: Engage your employees to work for a common cause and come up with solutions and money-raising activities. Such activities immensely facilitate employees to work for a good cause as a team and helps in the nurturing of relationships at workplace.

5) Recognition and promotion of innovative ideas: During meetings, place a box in the room and let your employees drop in any innovative ideas/suggestions they have for the organization’s betterment. Make sure to go through all of them and implement the practical ones. At the end, recognize the innovative ideas of the employee and acknowledge their contribution.

6) Rejoice together after achieving company’s goals: There is no doubt that your employees work hard and that’s the reason your company prospers. Therefore, you must celebrate all the achievements, big or small, with them to show them that you acknowledge their contributions.

7) Show your employees that they are important: Celebrate promotions, birthdays, individual achievements, retirements, etc. to let your employees know that they matter. By putting them at the front every now and then, you can show them their significant moments and achievements are valuable for the company as well.

Above all, make certain that your employees are respected and empowered at the workplace. In fact, empowering them to take decisions and make choices demonstrates that you respect them and their opinions. Even though there might be some ups and downs within the workplace engagement experience, you must know that relationships nurture when they are allowed to develop and grow. You have a special bond with your employees and they need to feel and enjoy it from time to time. It is recommended that your company makes a particular manager/supervisor responsible to maintain employee engagement for tracking the improvements after implementation of such employee engagement ideas.

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