Marketing In The Public Sector Vs Private Sector Business Development [Some Thoughts]

If you will take into consideration the marketing department who has been presented with the task of taking a product or a service into a new region. This could of course be a country, set of countries or significant region with a body of customers with spending potential that if tapped into could lead to significant revenue generation.

The work would commence with the thought that if the company is not successful in gaining the available business then, it may well go to its competitors. Therefore it necessitates the development and execution of a coherent go to market strategy in order to…

  1. Identify specific customer groups via market segmentation
  2. Determine the most appropriate marketing channel[s]
  3. Firm up on a set of Ideal Client Profiles identified to generate most revenues
  4. Engage with the market & execute

A note to those seasoned marketing strategists: the above is of course somewhat simplified with 2. being subdivided into channels to…

  • deliver the products/vs services
  • get the message of the organisation out to the market

… as well as other loops and steps to be included.

One of the most important points to take into consideration is that the onus of going to the market place and determining the data and building the relationships with the customer is on the company offering the products and services. They must set aside the marketing budget and as a priority get into the mind of the ideal client. The driving thought behind every process step and decision being that the business must be won & earned through the building of trust that came as a result of careful strategy execution.

The contrast is drawn from where one can imagine a situation where a pot of money has been allocated to a given team within the [public sector] service provider. These funds are for the purpose of [of course] ensuring that all within a specified area are receiving a particular service. One has conjured up from the imagination a ‘you tell us what you need’ mode of operation as opposed to ‘we will find out what you need and give it to you’ – which leads to only certain sections of the community engaged in certain activities will ever get to hear of that which has actually been made available for them.

In addition to this, the fact that the business is secured [so to speak] with the awarding of the monies for a time period; there may not be the same urgency as one finds within a market driven private sector operation that drives efficiency performance and customer satisfaction enhancement [otherwise the business may be lost to a competitor!!].

The above is to draw attention to that which it is thought ought to be instilled within the hypothetical public sector organisation in question – i.e. to adopt a more market driven approach. Act as if the business is not guaranteed and as if the service recipients are actually paying for the services at source [they do so via taxes] with the ability to change suppliers at anytime.

It is hoped more public sector business development projects will adopt a more market driven approach therefore leading to all eligible community members first becoming aware of that which is available for them and more experiencing the vast benefits of public sector service offerings.

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